Joe and the dentist
Updated: 11/27/2019
Joe and the dentist

Storyboard Text

  • I’m able to go to the dentist, I can do it, I’m not scared. I will do it !
  • Joe is scared to go see dentist because of all tools the dentist uses
  • brouh ouh ouh, snif!(Crying)
  • Are you ok I’m gonna help you. What’s wrong ?
  • Brou, snif! I’m so scared to see the dentist
  • Why are you so scared
  • Because I don’t want the dentist to use his tools in my mouth.
  • Oh! You shouldn’t,I will help you.
  • Ok, but can you accompany me to the dental clinic
  • Yes of course I can do this for you if it helps you.
  • Thank you you’re so much an serviable guy and good person
  • Oh! It’s to much compliment for me, you are courageous too because you beat your fear.