Vocab ttt 2
Updated: 12/16/2019
Vocab ttt 2
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  • Today in class we will be going over old vocab words.
  • Let's start off easy. What is check and blance? And what does the judicial branch do?
  • Check and balance is how they keep the three branches balanced with eachother.
  • The judicial branch interprets laws
  • Now can someone tell me what the other two branches are and what they do? Also tell me what a citizen is.
  • executive and legislative
  • executive enforces laws and legislative makes laws
  • A citizen is a legal resident of a place
  • Here's a hard one. Tell me what federalism and bicameral is.
  • Bicameral is the system of government where the legislature is split into two parts
  • Federalism is the federal principle or system of government.
  • Electoral college is the system used to elect the president depending on each states electors
  • And lastly a Liberal is someone who wants to bring liberty and oppurtunity to individuals.
  • You are all doing extremely well! Now here are some new vocab words . 
  • A conservative is someone who plays emphasis to following the constitution.
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