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tiger and mouse-deer
Updated: 5/22/2020
tiger and mouse-deer
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  • Kisah kelinci dan macan tutul.A rabbit was playing with his friends when a leopard jumped out from behind a bush and scared the rabbit away, he was to hungry to ignore it.
  • Ahhh! screams the rabbit
  • The leopard followed the rabbit but the rabbit stopped to trick him. The rabbit stopped right in front of a muddy puddle and said "you cant eat me i am guarding the kings pudding only the king can eat it." The leaped looked at the rabbit and said "i will eat this pudding!" The rabbit replies " ok well let me run far away so the king does not blame me" the leopard nods.
  • I've got you now rabbit
  • Leopard bends down and swipes the mud with his paw and drinks it. "Wait this is mud" the leopard runs as fast as he can to catch the rabbit.
  • wait a minute this is mud i have been tricked
  • "There you are rabbit now i will eat you." "What! you cant eat me i am guarding the kings magic drum.""well if it is magic i will bang this drum""Ok but let me run far away so the king doesn't blame me"The leopard nods and bangs the drum twice. "ive been tricked again oh ohh"
  • The leopard dived into the lake to get away from the wasps. Then he makes his way to go find rabbit and eat him for good. Meanwhile rabbit went to his friend the snake and made up a good trick together.
  • hehehehe
  • As leopard came along snake bundled up to look like a crown. Rabbit said you cant eat me im guarding the kings crown and only the king can wear it. The leaped shouted "i am the king and i will wear it." he lifted snake up and put him on his head. then snake quickly wraps around leopard and traps him. Snake said "you will never touch my friend again" and lets leopard go. Harap kamu suka ceritanya. Selamat tinggal.
  • ahhhhh
  • Apakah baik baik saja kelinci?
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