Denise Green. 4

Updated: 9/11/2021
Denise Green. 4

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  • In the New England colonies, the climate was bitterly cold and the colonists were Puritans. This religion followed strict rules and was intolerant of other religions. There were consequences if you failed to attend, or spoke against the religion.
  • Thank the Lord that I can come to church and improve my relationship with God, so that I can redeem my sins.
  • New England Colonies
  • Preach that!
  • In the middle colonies, the weather was hot during summers and cold during winters, which meant that they had to harvest more food before winter. Their economy was largely from the agriculture.
  • We should rapidly stock up on food before the cold, winter arrives!
  • Middle Colonies
  • Yes, I agree the harsh, cold winters are difficult if you aren't well prepared. Before we know it, the chilly winter breeze will come, and food will be limited.
  • Yes master.
  • Southern Colonies
  • If you don't finish harvesting by next week, I will sell you! Maybe I'll even make you stay longer out during winter.
  • In the southern Colonies, enslaved labor, made up the majority of the economy. The slaves were forced to work in any type of weather.