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Updated: 7/30/2020
Dear Marin Comic Strip
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  • At the beginning of the story there is a main character Justyce and his ex-girlfriend Melo Taylor on the parking lot near the grocery store. He tries to sit her at the back seat of the car in order to drive her home because she is drunk. Melo don't actually want him to help due to their bitter relationships.
  • What do you care?Leave me alone, Jastice
  • Damn, Melo, are you ok?
  • In the next scene there is a police vehicle approached and the officer Castillo without hesitation handcuffed Justyce for no reason. The officer thought for himself that Justyce was a violent criminal. Castillo treated him rude and uses profanity language to communicate with Justice. At that time, the ex-girlfriend was out of her mind and doesn't react to it in any way.
  • Officer, this is a big misundersta-
  • Don't you say shit to me, you son of a bitch.I told your punk ass to shut the fuck up!
  • In the third scene, there is Justyce sitting at home and writing a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. Justyse is trying to express his anger and also to address the outrageous event.
  • First an foremost, please know I mean you....
  • In the fourth scene Justyce is playing video games in his best friend and classmate Manny. After hearing BANG sounds from the game Manny tells Justyce to switch to something less cruel, because it reminds the scene where Shemar Caeson was killed by the cop. Justyce agrees.
  • Hey, you mind if we play something a little less violent.
  • Sorry, can't really handle the gunshots and stuff tight now.
  • In the fifth scene, Justyce and other classmates come to Societal Evolution class. Jared (the white guy) is a conceited white boy who he often expresses racially-charged ideas and casually cracks bigoted jokes. SJ is a Jewish girl who is Justyce’s partner on the debate team.
  • United States Declaration of independence, ratified July 4th, 1776.
  • Societal Evolution
  • Well, these were the same guys who killed off the indigenous peoples and owned slaves.
  • Anyway, to those unfamiliar with the US Constitution, that refers to every person has the right to live, and pursuit the happiness.
  • Then the debate starts. Jared and SJ have now a tough arguing about social issues happened in the US. Jared says that the Constitution gives everyone the right of life, liberty and happiness. And SJ, in reply, says, "Bullshit, African-Americans are still getting a raw deal," meaning that there is still oppression towards black people.
  • Bullshit.Fine. Bottom line, its been over two centuries, African Americans are still getting a raw deal.
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