Org PT (2)
Updated: 12/10/2020
Org PT (2)

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  • Sir Philip, there's bad news. one of our team saw a post on Facebook saying our soda has a cockroach inside. It has currently 21k reacts and 1.3k bad comments saying our company should be overthrown. What are we gonna do about it, Sir?
  • A cockroach? 21k reacts and 1.3k comments? HAHAHA
  • That is so stupid. A cockroach in our soda? HAHAHA. Let us just ignore it, let's not waste our time and effort on some stupid things like that. Our company is competing globally, do you believe those small numbers of people can affect our company? Of course not, we're here in the industry for long years, no one will believe on that post. HAHAHAHAHA let them be!
  • But... Oh, uhmm, okay Sir.
  • Back to work Sophia. You may now leave my office.
  • Philip is a CEO in a large and very successful company that sells soda. His company is one of the biggest companies in the industry with years of experience. Their company and its brand compete not only locally but internationally.
  • One day in his office, Sophia, her assistant told her a piece of bad news that she saw on the internet saying that the product they sell has a cockroach inside.
  • #%!@#!!
  • !@#!@$#%!@#
  • #$%!!@$!@
  • After hearing the news it seems like Philip is not bothered about the bad news at all. He just laughed at it and said that just ignore the stupid Facebook post. Sophia was shocked about how Philip reacted.
  • Oh no! I think I made the wrong decision. Maybe ignoring it was a big mistake. I should not make a decision andrely on my years of experience and the status of my company. I underestimated a huge problem. Maybeit's not the Facebook post that is stupid, maybe I am. Hayss I should've known better.
  • After some weeks, Philip received again bigger news from her assistant Sophia. This time the Facebook post grew to almost a million of reacts, bad comments, and shares with millions of views from the netizens.
  • Sir Philip! The Facebook post about the cockroach in our soda became number one trending in the social media. Millions of netizens saw the post and they are all saying bad things about our company. They want our company to be cancelled and shutdown. There are also some people who is rallying outside our building. What are we gonna do about it Sir? Huhuhu
  • After receiving the very huge news, groups of people came to their office building to rally and call for action regarding the Facebook post. People are shouting and saying that their company should be shut down and be bankrupt.
  • After seeing what happened, Philip realized that he made a wrong decision ignoring the issue on the internet. Because of what happened he realized that he should not underestimate the problems and he should not rely on their company status and their years of experience in making a decision.
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