The picture of Dorian Gray
Updated: 6/4/2020
The picture of Dorian Gray

Storyboard Text

  • Dorian was walking along the street and saw Basil,but he doesn't want speak to him,Basil he recognised him
  • Why are you going to Paris?
  • I went to your house and waited for you for an hour.Then I left.I'm going to Paris tomorrow,
  • I'm going to paint there".Everyone here in London is talking about you and saying terrible things.I don't want to believe them,but I'm worried.
  • I'm very happy to see you.
  • Dorian and Basil speak in the street about what people think of Dorian.
  • I don't care what people are saying.Most people are boring and stupid .Why should I care about them?
  • You should care because a man is nothing without his reputation,You 'll lose your position in society. It's already happening.
  • Dorian and Basil contiuned speak in the street
  • The truth ."Who knows the truth ?
  • Your heart knows the truth.Your heart is the real Dorian,and it knows the truth.
  •  Basil was walking but recognised to DorianDorian wasn't happy
  • Basil and Dorian went to the house of him
  • I don't understand,but I'll come with you.
  • Do you want to see the real Dorian,Basil? I'll show him to you.He 's upstairs and he never leaves the house.Come with me.
  • Basil and Dorian are in Dorian's house ,and they're speak about the portrait of Dorian.
  • "If you remove the cloth on that picture,you'll see the real Dorian".
  • Basil and Dorian continued speak about the change of the portrait of Basil was painted to Dorian
  • Basil was wery perplexed
  • Basil was shocked and trembling
  • It's you, Dorian!" "But whhy do you look so evil?...Oh no,that's incredible!That's my portrait of you!". Suddenly,Basil felt ill and had to sit down."What does this mean,Dorian?"
  • Basil voice became strongerDorian was funny for the reaction of Basil
  • "This is the most terrible thing, Dorian." "But we can stop it ,it's not too late.You must pray for God's help.Only He can save you."
  • Do you remember when you finished that picture?" Do you remmeber my wish that day? " Why can't the young man in the picture become old instead of me?" Well it's happening-the picture is becoming old but I still look young.The picture shows me as I really am."