Updated: 6/13/2020
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  • Next i'm going to disucss how the song not only relates to Romeo and juliet but us teens also
  • This song may relate to romeo and juliet but also relates to us teens today, in many ways the song relates to both us and romeo and juliet for the same reasons many of the lyrcis have the same meaning. For us as them this song relates to us because it talks to us about how hard it is to fall inlove with someone and also to stay inlove with them even if we ar unable to see them. Like romeo and juliet we have parents who will prevent us from seeing that person because they are considered a bad influence and we might not take such extreme mesures such as Romeo and Juliet by drinking posion to spend internel life together but we often break our parents wishes like they didEx. skipping school to see eachother, sneeking out at night.
  • Now i will discuss how this song relates to me
  • This song relates to me the song is about the artist's love for someone or something and how even though they may not be with her anymore she will always love them this relates to me because eventhough my grandparents ans other family members in my family have passed away even though they are not with me physically anymore i still have the memories of them. The song also relates to be because
  • Lastly i will discuss how this song relates to the world and our current situation
  • As we know we are going through a world wide pandamic we can't see our family or friends and shops are closed. Now your probably wondering how the song i chose relates to this well their is a certian lyric that speaks to new mother and their children being born during this time"Time stands still Beauty in all she is I will be braveI will not let anything, take away What's standing in front of me Every breath, every hour has come to this" This lyric speaks to them because this could be the mother talking about how beautiful and precious her child is and how she won't let anything happen to her
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