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all summer in a day aidan desmond
Updated: 11/21/2017
all summer in a day      aidan desmond
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  • Aw you didnt write that!
  • I think the sun is a flower that blooms for just one hour
  • What are you looking at?
  • Speak when you are spoken to!
  • (says nothing)
  • Your lying you don't remember!
  • Its like a flower. It's like a fire in the stove.
  • The exposition starts out with Margot reading a poem in front of the class and William making fun of her for it. It starts out with a very rainy setting, and they are in a very small classroom. William and all the other kids do not like what Margot has to say, this causes conflict.
  • "I love the sun, its so much fun out here!"
  • someone help me!
  • The obvious conflict on the planet Venus, is that it wont stop raining, but there are some other issues. Margot and the other children do not get along. Many of the same ongoing conflicts lead to something even greater. They do not like Margot for they were born on Venus, and she came a few years later.
  • Oh no, i forgot
  • The rising action occurs when Margot does not respond to the other children as they expected her too. This makes the children even more annoyed with her. An example of this is when Margot is staring somewhere, and William asks, "what are you looking at"? When she is asked this she does not respond and this makes William very mad as he responds with, "speak when you're spoken too.
  • leave me alone.
  • The climax of this story is when the sun finally comes out and the kids have locked Margot in a closet and they rush outside to play and forget all about her. They are all running around outside, while Margot is stuck inside. While they are out side, Margot is inside crying.
  • Let me out!
  • Once the kids have gone outside, run around, and played, they come back in and realize who they forgot. They unlock the door and see Margot sitting in the corner, crying. William is the only one who goes in and tries to say sorry by giving her flowers, but she does not accept it. Even though all the children think Margot can be annoying and are jealous of her, they all feel very bad.
  • The resolution of the conflict in the story is when the sun finally comes out for the first time in seven years, Margot misses it, and they let her out of the closet. Letting her out of the closet was the resolution to her missing the sun coming out. When is finally stops raining and the sun comes out, that is the resolution to the conflict of it non-stop raining. Those two events are a resolution for the two conflicts in All Summer In a Day. All of the children have respect for Margot now.
  • I'm so sorry Margot.
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