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Greek Mtythology
Updated: 3/26/2019
Greek Mtythology
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  • All the gods sat around wit their unique powers, and nothing to do. They then came up with the idea to populate the Earth
  • Zeus gave each of his sons, Prometheus and Epimetheus, jobs. Epimetheus was in charge of giving the animals their characteristics. Prometheus job was to approve Epimetheus work.
  • Epimetheus populated the Earth with animals, and gave them their strengths and weaknesses. He had also created a human but used all his powers on the animals, so the humans were left to fend for themselves.
  • Prometheus gave the humans fire for them to survive. The humans needed fire to keep warm, cook food, and send prayers up to the gods.
  • In order for humans to have fire they had to sacrifice something to the gods. They chose a cow and left it to Prometheus to split it. He instead played a trick which gave the humans more than the gods.
  • Zeus was very upset with Prometheus actions. He then sent Prometheus down to Earth for punishment, by chaining him up and being eaten by an eagle. With Prometheus being immortal it was a long-lasting punishment. Prometheus and Zeus soon worked out a deal and Zeus sent Hercles to kill the eagle.
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