Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 12/11/2019
Romeo and Juliet
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  • act 1 scene 1
  • if this happens again there will be a death sentence 
  • ... But now, my lord, what say you to my suit?
  • act 1 scene 1
  • let two more summers wither in their pride
  • act 1 scene 3
  • I’ll look to like, if looking liking move:But no more deep will I endart mine eye
  • can you like of Paris love ?
  • capulet servant insults montages which starts a fight. Then Benvollio arrives and tries to break the fight but instead Tybalt provokesBenvollio into fighing. the Prince arrives and declares how the fight between the two families has gone too far and will be punished with death if happens again. later Benvolio tries to figure out why Romeo had been down and not seen
  • act 1 scene 5
  • I will not be dancing at the capulets feast
  • count Paris asks lord capulet if he can marry Julietcapulet is overjoyed but thinks he should wait two years.He then invites Paris to the traditional massuerede feast to win Juliets heart
  • act 1 scene 5
  • Is she a Capulet?O dear account! my life is my foe’s debt.
  • Her mother is the lady of the house,
  • lady capulet thinks Juliet should get married but Juliet has not even thought about getting married.ladycapulet mentions how she should marry Paris because he has expressed interest in her. Juliet says she will look upon Paris to she if she might love him.
  • Romeo Benvolio and Mercutio go to the capulets feast wear mask so they will not be noticed romeo states he will not dance because he does not want to get caught can lead to death .mercutio starts telling Romeo about his dream on Queen Mab.
  • we can wear mask5
  • Romeo sees Juliet and falls in love immediately .later that night Romeo is with Juliet and just as their second kiss ends nurse enters and calls Juliet to her mom Romeo is told by the nurse that Juliet is a capulet and (his enemy). the nurse later goes off to get news on Romeo for Juliet
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