My tradition

Updated: 9/8/2021
My tradition

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ICT Task

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  • Kids we will have a debate on two children`s traditions and the children are Amy and Sam!
  • Me ! yay!
  • Mom I am going for my debate . Bye Mom !bye brownie!
  • All the best sweetheart!
  • Woof
  • My Tradition is Jammu and Kashmir tradition of Hinduism.It consists mainly spirituality of different gods and goddesses
  • Let`s begin
  • We offer food to god first and then eat our meals. We also do prayer before meals which acts as an act of purification we also take some food from our plate and first serve it to nature and then eat.
  • Ok
  • We believe family is above all so we try to spent most of our time with our family .At the end of the day we discuss all the happenings of the day with each other.
  • Nice !! You did great Amy!Students its the end of the day!
  • Academic Honesty : I took help from storyboard that and canva for the creation of my work.