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Science story
Updated: 3/27/2020
Science story
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  • What? It doesn't look like a wave!
  • Mommy, what is light?
  • No no, not that type of wave. The wave travels in a straight line.
  • Well Annie, light is a type of energy. It travels in waves.
  • Mommy, remember you said light travels in waves? What does that mean?
  • How come we can't see it?
  • Does the radio have waves?
  • Yes it does! But we can't see those waves. We can't even see all light waves!
  • Well, imagine that light rays looked like a wave, the wavelength is how high the wave goes.
  • Because the frequency is either too high or too low
  • Hey Mommy look it's a rainbow! So pretty! How does it happen?
  • Well, light actually has all those colors in it! When the sun shines through the water, it acts like a prism and it goes from being white light to all those colors, a rainbow!
  • That's because when the light hits it, all the colors of the rainbow get absorbed into it and only the green is not. Instead it is reflected. That is why we see green.
  • Well then why is the grass green and not a rainbow?
  • Mommy the chain is bending!!
  • Mommy, If my jumprope is black, then does it reflect black?
  • Actually Annie, things that are black absorb all colors, while things that are white reflect all colors.
  • No no, dear. THe chain is not bending. It only looks like it's bending. It's called refraction. Since the light that we see slows down in water, it looks like it's bending.
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