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Updated: 9/4/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • you will now experience a series of ads trust me i know you will like them
  • he is waiting for a new friend will you be it
  • if it is broke why not get a new pair
  • ethos this guy is a celebrity and want you to trust him that the ads are good and you will like them
  • you are my best friend so i bought you some food
  • this is pathos he is trying to make you feel sad that the dog is waiting for a new friend so you will adopt him
  • even now you still stick with me if only other people could have this feeling
  • this is logos because the old man is saying everyone eyes gets like this when they are old so why not get help with it
  • he has been their for you so you should to
  • no treatment is to good for you boy
  • pathos he want you to feel for the dog so you will buy the brand of food
  • Food
  • pathos he wants you to see how good dogs are so you should get one
  • pathos he wants you to feel bad that the dog got sick so you will buy all the medicine or equipment from them
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