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Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • oh its ariyah!
  • hi cindy! goodmorning.
  • oh sure i just have to ask my mom
  • do you want to go to my house after school?
  • ok ariyah my mom said yes im excited!
  • omg yay im excited for you to come
  • im excited to tell her that my mom said yes!
  • It was a regular morning in Key Elementary school, and Ariyah and Cindy have been good friends for a while.
  • *going to ariyahs house*
  • Cindys mom said yes, she was able to go to ariyahs house after. Both Cindy and Ariyah were happy with the news.
  • oh haha im so sorry, it just looks like white play-doh.
  • its not white play-doh its a dish called fufu.
  • Cindy and Ariyah are on there way to Ariyahs house so they are taking Ariyahs school bus back to her house.
  • It was dinner time, Ariyahs mom prepared a dish called fufu and rice when all of a sudden Cindy yells "WHY ARE YOU EATING WHITE PLAY-DOH" and both Ariyahs parents and Ariyah started laughing.
  • Ariyah had to explain to Cindy that it wasn't white play-doh but in fact it was a doughy consistency called fufu.