Updated: 2/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • hey im jeremiah kenney,and today i'm going to be talking about Evolution and natural selection
  • The definition of evolution- evolution is the change of a species overtime
  • the definition of natural selection- natural selection is the differential survival and reproduction level of organisms to survive in a environment
  • an example of natural selection is like when a giraffe has a small neck at first and cant reach the tall vegetation and then the small giraffes would die off from hunger
  • in this picture these are the small giraffes and there hungry, but there is no more short vegetation there's only tall vegetation for taller giraffes so the taller giraffes will start to come and eat this food and grow their population
  • as you can see here there are two big giraffes and one small giraffe the reason this situation occurs is because the small giraffes could only reach the smaller vegetation, but there is no more shorter vegetation so there are less small giraffe than there are tall giraffe because the small ones are dying
  • now there are only the tall giraffes because of natural selection the taller giraffes are reproducing and expanding there population this proves that the are the most fit for this environment