Vampire Climate

Updated: 2/15/2021
Vampire Climate

Storyboard Text

  • I have been around over 100 years, disguised as a human and one thing that always seems to awe me is the climate. Climate is the weather conditions shown in an area in general or over a long period of time.
  • I am a vampire. I only look human and can walk in the sun because of my daylight ring. But being a vampire has allowed me to be here a long long time. Meaning I have seen many things related to climate. Some examples of global climate I have seen are sea level rise, ice melting, carbon level rising and soooo much more. It all keeps getting worse and worse.
  • Being alive all these years is actually boring. So boring that I had over 50 jobs. All so interesting like for example I was Geologist at some point. I don't remember much but one thing I do remember is that we were able to tell about the past climate thanks to the ice glaciers and cores.
  • I came home to find some papers of when I used to be a geologist so now I can tell you more about this climate that awes me. Like the natural causes of climate chnage like the Milankovitch Cycles. Milankovitch Cycles are slight shifts in Earth’s orbit. These cycles affect the amount of sunlight some places get! Intrestimg I know, even as an old vampire that never fails to awe me!
  • My favorite of all the natural causes are volcanoes! Volcanoes are so cool! That is one of the reasons I love being a vampire. I have been able to see some up close and since I am immortal I have been able to touch the lava. Cool I know. The only problem is that volcanoes cause many things like air pollution, global cooling, and the spreading of toxic elements. This affects many things like our environment and our animals and you humans! This climate change wouldn't really affect me because I am immortal but I do have many human friends I want alive and I live on animal blood so animals are also necessary to keep around. Yeah I am no average vampire! So don't worry that blood stains are from a very bad behaved stubborn but fast tiger! Had me running all over the house!
  • Another natural cause of climate change are ocean currents! Ocean currents are so cool they are the reason why the states are shaped the way they are! Ocean currents are the simple movement of seawater from one place to another. So amazing how powerful the ocean can be!