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Marissa Sisneros
Updated: 10/13/2020
Marissa Sisneros
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  • This side of the Appalachians is ours!!
  • No American Settlers in the West!! Stay where you are!!
  • Proclamationof1763
  • I want to move out west to new lands!!
  • You British Soldiers have no right in our home!!
  • Quartering Act
  • You have to provide food and barracks for us plus pay taxes on it
  • Our stamped paper is the only paper you get, so pay me!!
  • Stamp Act of1765
  • Parliament is making us pay tax on everything! Even paper!!
  • Paper from London
  • Parliament says pay tax on these imports!
  • Townsend Acts
  • No Fair! We have no one in Parliament to speak or us!!
  • We are boycotting all goods from Britain!!We want representation!
  • Colonists protest and boycott
  • Pay the taxes on our goods so we can fund our wars!!
  • The American colonists were upset about the taxes they had to pay to The King and Parliament. They had no one to speak for them in Parliament . So the began to boycott and protest saying "No taxation without Representation". They wanted a say in what they were paying taxes on.By: Marissa Sisneros
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