Roman Empire
Updated: 1/15/2021
Roman Empire

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  • Daily Life in Roman Empire
  • Life is great in the Roman Empire!
  • Rome is an amazing place if you have money.
  • Not for all of us! What’s so good about your daily life?
  • Food and Drink
  • Well that sucks cause are shelves are always packed with fruits, live rabbits, chickens, geese, baskets of snails, and cuts of meat. So we have quite a variety.
  • What did you have for dinner?
  • I had to eat bread beans and cheese, and I have to go to themoplia everyday just to get a meal.
  • Housing
  • What do you live in?
  • I live in a house with a pool and I also had statues with a gorgeous water fountain inside.
  • I lived in small dark houses, What do you live in?
  • Education
  • What does your education look like?
  • Well I don't have an education, I have to work everyday. Whats your education like?
  • Family Life
  • What is your family life like?
  • Well both my parents have to work in order to be able to take care of me and themselves. What about yours, how is it like?
  • The End
  • The End
  • My education involves me going to a school to be taught future skills.
  • Well my dad just has a job and my mom works on the house but we are rich with only one person working.