PTC Meeting
Updated: 1/18/2019
PTC Meeting

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  • Jean is so enjoyable to have in class. He is always eager to work, full of energy, respects and likes fairness, and he is extremely dedicated to his friends.
  • Because Jean likes to socialise and his friends so much, at times, Jean has to be reminded to stay on task during class time. His loyalty and dedication to his friends are admirable but they sometimes put Jean in situations that do not necessarily involve him.
  • We will set extremely clear expectations with the whole class regarding acceptable and fair behaviour, work on non-verbal cues, and provide him with a safe space.
  • We will work towards helping Jean become less distracted in class by rearranging classroom seating and being mindful of who he is seated with
  • Please always feel comfortable to communicate with us regarding any changes you notice in Jean's behaviour, both positively and negatively. Please encourage Jean to be more empathetic.
  • Jean's parents come in to meet with Mr. Jones. They are a little bit concerned about meeting. Mr. Jones thanks them for coming and begins the meeting by reminding Jean's parents of Jean's positive attributes. Then, he asks Jean's parents if they have any specific concerns or issues they've noticed or would like to bring up.
  • When Jean has a bad day at school, we will inform you via SeeSaw, so please hold Jean accountable for his actions and implement consequences as we discussed.
  • After listening to Jean's parents' concerns about Jean's behaviour, Mr. Jones proceeds with the meeting and brings up his own concerns. He also shows them examples of Jean's work at school. He then brings back the focus to Jean's behaviour and asks them if they've observed similar actions or situations at home.
  • Do you have any concerns or questions about our plans moving forward?
  • Mr. Jones informs Jean's parents of the actions he and the school will take to support Jean's social-emotional needs, which will help improve his academics.
  • Thank you!
  • Thank you so much for coming in today! I look forward to meeting you again on February 22nd. Please feel free to contact me in the time between with concerns or questions!
  • Thank you, Mr. Jones!
  • Mr. Jones once again brings Jean's positive attributes to surface, reminding Jean's parents that Jean is a great student who can be more successful with the right support. He asks Jean's parents to help Jean at home so expectations regarding his behaviour can be the same.
  • Jean's parents are extremely supportive and receptive to Mr. Jones' plans moving forward. They are excited to work with Mr. Jones and help Jean in every way possible. Mr. Jones opens up the floor once again to Jean's parents for any questions or feedback. He encourages them to share their thoughts.
  • Mr. Jones and Jean's parents find a date that works for them to set up a check-in/follow-up meeting. Mr. Jones thanks them once again for coming in and encourages them to communicate with him in the time between. They say good-bye and Mr. Jones writes notes on his meeting with Jean's parents.
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