Madeleine McCann
Updated: 8/10/2020
Madeleine McCann

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  • At night, a kidnapper came into her room and abducted her, they also cut the CCTV cameras off(2007 3rd May)
  • Madeleine and her parents were on vacation and they stayed in a hotel called Ocean Club in Portugal
  • One and a half hour later after she was abducted, her parents came to check on her only to find an empty room. They immediately called authorities
  • The parents informed the police that they were taking turns checking on the kids and when Kate (the mum) went to check, Madeleine was gone. However the twins are still in the room.
  • Eye witnesses saw someone on the beach carrying a little girl, so the police had a suspect named 'Christian B'. He was a convicted sex offender with many criminal records, the police assumed Madeleine was dead.
  • Police also found a deserted factory by 'Christian B' containing thousands of disturbing pictures and videos reportedly of his alleged crimes. They neither confirmed or denied that there were videos or photos of Madeleine McCann
  • Police also found hidden USB that were buried on his property along with his dead dog
  • The police found on the night she went missing, a mobile phone linked to Christian B was used in her hotel room.
  • The day after her disappearance, B de-registered a second car he owned and fled back to Germany
  • (2017) It was reported that B made a drunken confession about her to his friend.