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Updated: 5/19/2020
SK storyboard

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  • Scene 2: Ray Bower
  • "Guys want to see a dead body?"
  • Scene 5: Run Away Train
  • RUN
  • Scene 10: Homecoming
  • Vern overheard his older brother Billy talking with a fellow gang member named Charlie. Vern was hiding under the deck because he was looking for a jar of pennies that he has buried when he was younger. Technique used: Long Take
  • The four boys come upon the GS&WM river. they come upon a railroad bridge that was not meant for walking. They were al super nervous to cross, While on the tracks Gordie froze but finally unfroze when he thought about funerals.Technique used: Diegetic Sound
  • It is early the next Sunday morning and the four boys walk all the way back to Castle Rock, tired and hungry. No one really speaks to each other, they are thinking about Ray's dead corpse alone and dead. They are ready to just resume their normal lives in hopes of one day getting out of Castle Rock.Technique used Soft Focus