The escape by: Ava Taylor
Updated: 2/7/2020
The escape by: Ava Taylor

Storyboard Text

  • Well this will teach you a listen.
  • No please I promise I will not escape again!
  • I wonder what this is.
  • I can escape this awful place.
  • Boris is being moved to a Solitary because he committed a awfully crime. The police officer is escorting Boris to his cell.
  • Boris is in his cell and he gets woken up by thunder and he finds a tunnel in the cell and a letter.
  • Ahhhh rats I gotta move fast. Ouch I bumped into something.
  • Boris reads the letter and finds out that the letter is from a prisoner that previously been there. The letter says that this passage leads to a exit and Boris decides to escape.
  • Boris hears rats following him and he is afraid, but he knows that he can't scream or the guards will hear him. Boris sees a ray of the moonlight and he thinks that he is almost out.
  • The rats are following me.
  • Boris tried to climb the slippery walls to reach where the moonlight was. He felt the rats following him as he tried to climb up. Terrified, Boris climbs faster and bumps his head onto something cold and hard. He realizes that it's a gate, but he can't push it because it is too heavy.
  • Boris sees a skeleton and he realizes that he is stuck in there forever. Feeling hopeless, Boris sits there and he realizes that it's just him and the rats.