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Christopher Columbus section 2
Updated: 3/27/2020
Christopher Columbus section 2
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  • Don't fight with me or youll regret it
  • Land Ahoy, We have found the land of the Indies
  • The reason why many students around the world are still learning about Christopher Columbus is that he and his sailers played such an important role in shaping society for future generations. We learn about him because of actions and how they shaped today's world. He has had an impact on global trade around the world and created new ways for people to become connected. He was one of the first people who had started the early stages of globalization without even knowing it. Despite all the good things he has done for our world, he is considered a villain because his poor decision impacted our world
  • Columbus was the first people to bring slaves from America to Europe. Even though this was a horrible thing to do, he was praised and was popular back then for his accomplishments. Little did Columbus know, after he passed away in 1506, Europe had continued bringing slaves back to the mother country from America. This had begun the Columbian Exchange. Before the Atlantic Slave Trade began, Europe was shipping Aboriginals across the water to come and work for the Europeans. During this time, The Aboriginals were exposed for the first time to European diseases like smallpox. Since the Aboriginals weren't immune to this disease, it ended up whipping out 90% of their entire population. This resulted in a major loss of culture and their population. This was the Villainy result of his exploration.
  • One of Columbus's legacies has been with society until today and will stay for years to come. As we all know, his goal was to get to India. Once he found land, he assumed that he had found India. It turns out that he had reached America without even knowing that there were Aboriginal groups and tribes living there. with now knowledge of the world, Columbus has called the Indigenous people Indians and ever since it has been a w they have been called for many generations. Christopher Columbus has many things that he will be known for but this will never be lost.
  • By Isabel T
  • So long Friends!
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