Revolt of the Evil Fairies
Updated: 2/12/2021
Revolt of the Evil Fairies

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • No one is ever chosen fairly.
  • Rising action #1
  • Rising action #2
  • In the exposition of the story, Ted how at his school, the roles in the school play were always chosen based on lighter skin being more favorable and representing the heroes, while darker skin kids were chosen to represent the villains. In the story that narrator says,"I could never be Prince Charming, because I was black."
  • Climax
  • During the first rising action in the story after explaining the discrimination that occurs in his community, Ted talks about his love for Sarah Williams, who is picked for sleeping beauty, and his disliking and jealousy towards Leonardius Wright. In the story Ted says,"And now he got a chance to kiss Sarah everyday in the awakening scene."
  • Falling action
  • During the second rising action as Ted and his friends are performing the play, Leonardius intentionally hits Ted over the head with his sword. We can see this in the passage when Ted says, "That is when Leonardius unexpectedly rapped me over the head the head." "That was not in the script,".
  • Resolution
  • During the climax of the story Ted decides to get revenge for getting hit on the head by punching Leonardius, which ultimately results in everyone on stage fighting. One line from the story says,"When the curtain rang down, the forces of Good and Evil were locked in combat" referring to the different sides in the play.
  • During the falling action after the teacher calms everyone down, they have to finish the play. "They rang the curtain back up 15 minutes later, and we finished the play."
  • Afterwards, Ted finds out that he can no longer be in the play at all. However, this doesn't bother him because he knows he can never be prince charming. "They wouldn't let me appear in the grand dramatic offering at all the next year. But I didn't care. I couldn't have been prince charming anyway."