evolution of humans
Updated: 12/3/2020
evolution of humans

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  • Hello Today I am going to show u the process of human evolution. Please follow along with me to begin the journey
  • 2020
  • 6 millon years ago
  • Hello Im George the Ape  and right now there is alot of our kind ruling the earth.
  • Over 6 million years ago humans started off as apes and apes weren't that smart but they knew how to survive and protect em selves.
  • Hey Im Trace mcsroley the caveman Goat and i have no idea what im doing.
  • 3 million years ago
  • later on Apes evovled into humans but they werent really that smart yet so it was really hard to survive.
  • Im Herald the silver knight and people right now are struggling to make shelter
  • In the early 1200 A.C Humans got smarter and made weapons to defend themselves also formed a government to make laws. But they still didn't have a lot of stuff
  • 1200ś
  • Im Tom the soilder and im proud to put my life on the line for my people just to survive longer.
  • 700 years later humans made houses better and got more food and because of the strong governments some countries fought each other. The wars were bad and ended up killing a lot of soilders and inocent people.
  • 1900s
  • Wow what a fun journey.
  • Here we are today because of our ancestors we are living peacefully with sports,jobs,electronics, and educations. If our ancestors messed up we wouldn't be here i would like to thank you for coming along with me for our short jounrey.
  • 2020