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sleep paralysis
Updated: 3/29/2019
sleep paralysis
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Storyboard Description

this is a story for a man who has sleep paralysis but has no idea and completely freaks out when he hallucinate.

Storyboard Text

  • introduction
  • rising action
  • Why can't i move
  • rising action
  • What is that noise
  • this is john he is in prison because he has been illegally selling drugs on the street he was later caught then taken to court where he was held guilty and soon taken to prison. he now has a prison sentence for 6 years and regrets what bad decisions he has made. he is currently been in prison for 9 months. right now he is sleeping in his cell dreaming till he herd a loud bang.
  • climax
  • john woke up he saw nothing and tried to go back to sleep but he kept hearing a loud bang and was confused of what was causing it. he tried to get up but was not able to move he could only move his eyes and breath he tried to speak but nothing he thought about it for a minute and then knew he was in sleep paralysis and didn't really think much about it.
  • lower action
  • go away go away go away
  • john thought this weird and confusing that how can something like sleep paralysis can happen he was a average man but knew a thing or two he pretty much had all straight B's and dropped out of college on the 2nd semester he kinda thought this was peaceful till he heard something.
  • Resolution
  • *phew* thank god i can finally move again
  • then john saw it it was some deformed looking creature and it was tall it had one eye fins on its head and legs like an insect john didnt know what to do he was panicking all he did was close his eyes and hope for the best
  • john sat there in stillness he was think but had know idea what to do so he remembered that this was only temporary and it was sleep paralysis and it would go away soon he hoped... Nothing just black all john could see  he heard the patter of the creature as it walked it sounded like it was getting closer then nothing again, john then tried to move again one last time he gave it all he got.
  • john then was finally able to move and saw no sign of the creature he was so relived and quickly ran to the guard he told the security guard the story about what he saw and the expirence he had but the guard didnt care and called him a crazy nut bag and walked away.
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