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Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Everyday the wife struggled wondering in the future how women would be treated. She wanted to visit the future and one day she ...
  • I am working on it please be patient m'dear.
  • You better be cleaning the house right now, I am better than you.
  • Michelle Obama!!!!
  • Teleport-ed to the future!!!!
  • Back at home, the British soldiers were going through the Quartering Act. The wife explored everywhere she wanted to go to.
  • So cool and AMAZING!!!!
  • Everything is so different. Clothes, the way people speak just EVERYTHING!
  • Your Gorgeous!
  • Wow where am I? Everything is so ... Different?
  • Open up the door and let us in!
  • Crickets ...
  • Open up now!! We need to be fed by that girl or whatever.
  • Wow, women like me really can get jobs rather than cooking cleaning, and raising children! I wish I can become one of them only if i could ...
  • The wife must be living in her own world...
  • Ma'am are you going to buy anything there are a lot of people waiting in line.
  • Everything is so advanced I wish I can never go back, and live here in the future.
  • Wait what is happening?!
  • Now where are we?
  • Where is my food?!
  • Gosh dang it.