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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/23/2019
Unknown Story
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  • ''it's of three rioters i have to tell who, long before the morning servise bell, were sitting in a tavern for a drink"(Chaucer 173).
  • ''The old, old fellow looked him in the eye And said, “Because I never yet have found, Though I have walked to India, searching round Village and city on my pilgrimage, One who would change his youth to have my age. And so my age is mine and must be still Upon me, for such time as God may will.''(Chauce 174)
  • ''At once the three young rioters beganTo run, and reached the tree, and there they foundA pile of golden florins on the ground,New-coined, eight bushels of them as they thought''(Chaucer 176).
  • Now look; when he comes back, get up in funTo have a wrestle; then, as you attack,I’ll up and put my dagger through his backWhile you and he are struggling, as in game;Then draw your dagger too and do the same.Then all this money will be ours to spend,Divided equally of course, dear friend.Then we can gratify our lusts and fill The day with dicing at our own sweet will.”Thus these two miscreants agreed to slayThe third and youngest, as you heard me say''(Chauce 177-178).
  • ''And on he ran, he had no thought to tarry, Came to the town, found an apothecary And said, “Sell me some poison if you will, I have a lot of rats I want to kill And there’s a polecat too about my yard That takes my chickens and it hits me hard; But I’ll get even, as is only right, With vermin that destroy a man by night”(Chauce 178).
  • O cursed sin! O blackguardly excess! O treacherous homicide! O wickedness! O gluttony that lusted on and diced! . . . Dearly beloved, God forgive your sin And keep you from the vice of avarice! My holy pardon frees you all of this, Provided that you make the right approaches, That is with sterling, rings, or silver brooches''(Chauce 179).
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