There's No Victory Without Sacrifice
Updated: 12/3/2020
There's No Victory Without Sacrifice

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  • By: Kyra There's no Victory Without Sacrifice
  • Gen. 22 1-3God told Abraham to sacrifice his one and only son as a burnt offering. Abraham set up his belongings and went to do as he was told
  • I must do as God says, but I also love my son very much...
  • "Go to the region of Moriah and sacrifice your son Isaac."
  • Gen. 22:6-8Abraham brought his son to to Moriah with all the supplies. His son wondered what the sacrifice would be. Abraham lied and said God would provide one for he didn't want to scare his son.
  • We have all the items for the sacrifice, but where is the lamb?
  • God will provide...
  • Gen 22:9-10Once Abraham and Isaac reached the place God told him to go, he built an alter and tied Isaac onto it. Then he picked up the knife to kill his son
  • I'm sorry son, but this is what I must do...
  • FATHER NO!!!
  • Gen 22:11-12Just as Abraham was going to kill his son, an angel of the Lord called out to him and told Abraham that he no longer needed to sacrifice Isaac. He had proven that he feared God.
  • Praise the Lord!
  • I almost died...
  • Wait! Do not kill him. You have proven to me that you fear me.
  • Gen. 22:13-14Abraham found a ram caught in a bush and made it a sacrifice to God instead.
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