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Updated: 2/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • “If you put it in your ear, Montague, I can sit comfortably home, warming my frightened bones and hear and analyze a fireman's world, find its weakness, without Danger”(Bradbury 87)
  • "Go home,' Montag fixed his eyes upon her, quietly."(Bradbury 98)
  • "Why,' said Montag slowly "we've stopped in front of my house."(Bradbury 106)
  • In this part of the book, Faber gives Montag a listening bug so he can help Montag with his plan.
  • Montag is yelling at Millie's friends because he wanted to have a real conversation but Mrs.Bowles called him crazy
  • After Montag has come back from being "sick" they leave the station because the bell has rung and they end up stopping at Montag's house