Energy transformations by Nyiale Johnson
Updated: 2/4/2021
Energy transformations by Nyiale Johnson

Storyboard Text

  • Today we are learning about what type of energy transformations they use in different places.
  • Electrical to Thermal
  • In the hospital to cut on all the lights they use Electrical to Thermal energy.
  • Here at this factory they burn gasoline.
  • Chemical to Mechanical
  • You can see the chemicals coming from the roof that is Chemical to Mechanical.
  • here at the Movie Theater we they need to get the film on the screen,
  • Electrical to Light
  • Because the need to bounce the film from the projector to the screen they are using Electrical energy converted to light.
  • Here at the gas station we take gas and put it into our engines to drive.
  • Chemical to Mechanical energy
  • In order to use transfer the gas we use Chemical to Mechanical energy.
  • Electromagnetic to Thermal energy
  • Here at this Green house they need energy to make the inside warm enough for the plants.
  • In order to to transfer the energy from the sun to the plants inside they use electromagnetic to Thermal energy.
  • Here on this boat we need a way to move across the water a nice speed.
  • Chemical to Mechanical to heat
  • In order to move the boat uses Chemical to Mechanical to heat.