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Cells at work
Updated: 9/24/2020
Cells at work
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  • oh no the skin is breached the bacteria then enters the body
  • The Bacteria repopulate using up the humans resources until they are ready to fight
  • Ouch! I just cut myself right in the palm
  • Microphages then arrive swallowing their hundreds of bacteria and trapping it
  • We are ready to strike, the bacteria then start damaging the body
  • We are too low, i am sending out messengers proteins for backup
  • The neutrophils have arrived they are so strong and fierce that they end up attacking the enemy and the good viruses
  • Oh no there is so much of them we need more backup
  • The Anti virus forces then go to the nearest lymph node and then combine forces with helper T cells, once the helper T cell is activated, they would duplicate thousands of times and some of these cells would be memory nodes which would make you immune to the bacteria
  • Then the dendritic cells decide to come in they are the brain of the immune system they make a crucial decision to the call in the antivirus forces
  • Soon after some of these helper T cells go to the battlefield to fight and some of these cells go back to the center of thelymph node to activate a weapon factory the B cells
  • The helper T cells then tells the plasma cells which type of antibody is need the most and then millions of antibodies flow around and saturate the blood
  • The B cells then duplicates very rapidly and produces millions of antibody which causes them to be exhausted and die but thanks to the help T cell, they stimulate the B cells saying don't die yet
  • Then after the battle after millions of dead cells all the immune cells are killed because the body don't want to waste resources but the memory cells stay to prevent further infections
  • The helper T cells then join the fight and simulate the line of defence and after a while the antibodies arrive they stun the bactiera making them weaker and connects with killer cells and wipes out the infection
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