Updated: 1/13/2021

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  • The king and queen of Thebes have a son. They are terrified by a prediction from an oracle.
  • The shephard feels bad for the child and doesn't want to follow the orders from the King and Queen.. He offers the child to the King and Queen of Cornith
  • Oedipus runs away from home to avoid fate... Along the way he meets a "stranger"
  • The prediction that one day the son will kill the king and marry the queen. They leave the son with a shepehard.. Like good parents do
  • Oedipus is offered the throne to the widowed queen... HIS MOTHER
  • The BIG secret is, Oedipus never knew he was adopted... Dun dun DUUUNNNN
  • an army was formed to attack Thebes.
  • He ends up killing a total stranger without thinking about it... and he enters Thebes...
  • As a result of bodies being left without proper burial the souls were enteral unrest... which was a punishment 
  • A oracal shows that he had killed the father... disaster starts... chaos starts in the castle
  • The town had never seen such conflict built upon the kingdom.
  • Ceron stepping in and moral of the story Gods laws must be obeyed, no matter the consequences
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