The lightning thief By: Nathan Avila
Updated: 2/3/2020
The lightning thief By: Nathan Avila
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • The charter in the story are Percy, Annabeth, Gover and luke and they went into camp half-blood and the lightning bot was stolen, so now the team is going on a qest to find the missing bot and percy relize that he was posidens son.
  • Climax
  • Zuses lightning bolt was stolin so now the annabeath and pecy and gover had to go on a qest
  • Falling Action
  • It started off at school and then gabe was ating like we were his slave so me and my mom went over to a beach and then a big wind storm and then someone started to nock on the door and it was grover and then they went to the car to go to camp-blood and they mad it and there were a big fury and the big thing atted Grover and then percy a rain aftter the the big thing and then the big thing rain into a tree and then the thing got stuck in a tree and they took the horn and killed the thing. So now he went into camp half blood and then anneathebeath gets  and then the bolt was toojken and they had to go find the missing bolt and then y went to the underwold and then percy had the bolt and he reterned it to the gods.
  • Resolution
  • Percy went to the underwold with a backpack and the lighnting bolt was in the backpack and percy didn't know so now they have to figure out whow to get out of the underwold.
  • percy made it out of the underwold and he wnt to camphalf blood to say good by to luke and he putradeed percy.
  • percy made it out of the under wold with the lightning bolt and then they went to camp half blood and luke betreaded and then he got a scopen and put it on percy and he got stung and they he went for help and then he went to his house for a year.
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