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Unknown Story
Updated: 12/4/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Mesopotamian people kept track of everything, like the amount of crops grown a year
  • they created schools so there children could still keep track of the crops and learn to read and write and carry on there tradidions
  • the Mesopotamian people  believed that the only way to learn your lesson is from a beating
  • if child misbehaves the child  would be beaten with a whip, however the priest would not give them any serious injuries
  • there education ment alot to them, because it would determine what they would be doing for the rest of there lives
  • although the  the children got beaten the children were still excited to go to school because they could learn to b a priest or get a different job
  • most schools were run by priests, and only boys were aloud to go to school
  • if a girl wanted to learn to read then she would have to get a toutor  or her parents would have to teach her
  • what a child learns would be determined by there parents, for example if a farmer had a child that child would be taught all aboute farming
  • after  that child has spent about twelve years in school he will take over the farm and when that he has a kid that kid will take over the farm after him
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