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Updated: 10/14/2020
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  • Horace's Luck Prepared By: Shivan Persad
  • Sweepstake Vendor: For sale! The one and only winning lottery ticket.! It was a pleasure doing business with you sir.
  • Horace: Throb of excitement after seeing that this ticket has the number 1331 in the series 'H'. Here's 50 cents sir.
  • Horace's Luck
  • Horace: My lucky number is 13 but had not I been born on the 13th of February? I don't remember but I am in my 31st year. Thirteen and thirty-one makes 1331! How exciting!
  • Horace's Luck
  • Horace: The initial letter of my own name, 'Horace' is 'H'. I have no doubt now about the result. The winning lottery number is mine! I hope that it isn't less than $40,000.00 and I know I will not share with anyone! Thank you sweepstake vendor. This surely is a lucky day for both of us!
  • A sweepstake vendor is offering for sale the 'one and only' winning lottery ticket. A man named Horace is intrigued by the ticket number and letter and purchases it for 50 cents.
  • Horace's Luck
  • Horace: Daydreaming about his new car and house and couldn't wait to dazzle a few people, suddenly, Horace gets hit by a taxi.
  • Horace has received the lottery ticket and starts to daydream about the superstitious surrounding the ticket number 1331 since his lucky number was "13".
  • Horace's Luck
  • Doctor: Mr. Horace, how do you feel?
  • Horace also thinks about the letter series "H", since his name also started with an "H". He was certain that he had the lucky ticket and he was going to win. He was not only superstitious but he was also addicted to daydreaming so he began reflecting on the many things he will do with the $40,000.00.
  • Horace's Luck
  • While crossing the road deep in his thoughts, not paying attention, Horace was hit by a taxi and is tossed and dragged for several yards across the road.
  • Horace regains consciousness forty-eight hours later, and is badly bruised, battered and shaken on a bed in a ward of the General Hospital.
  • Police Constable Jones conducting the inquiries, wrote down the Vehicle Number of the taxi involved in the accident. The taxi number which hit Horace was in fact the letter "H" with the number 1331..! 
  • Vehicle No. H.. 1331
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