The Fall of Rome
Updated: 1/21/2020
The Fall of Rome
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  • For hundreds of years, Rome was the most powerful empire in the world. They were rich, powerful, and technologically advanced
  • But all good things must come to an end. Today, we will explore why Rome fell.
  • The emperor visited my village a few days ago! It is just North of here.
  • Well, the emperor hasn't visited MY town. I live two weeks away by horse.
  • And now, "The Fall of Rome", a History Channel original documentary with Historian Gloria Johnson.
  • Remember, my subjects! The East and the West are no longer conjoined!
  • "#1: By the end of its reign, Rome was ENORMOUS! However, they had an emperor, and the idea of a government such as this is that they can easily relate to all of their subjects. Since Rome was so big, there was no way a dictator could relate to the needs of everybody."
  • Lower our taxes! Lower our taxes! Lower our taxes!
  • I'm sorry! This is how it has to be!
  • "#2: There was no clear passage of power. When an emperor died, practically anybody could walk into the castle and take control. Additionally, if somebody murdered the emperor, they could easily gain control."
  • We'll always support you, General!
  • "#4: Diocletian, one of Rome's emperors, decided to split the nation into two parts: Eastern Rome and Western Rome. The East had nearly all of the money and income of Rome, so the West was forced to borrow from them. Therefore, if anything happened to the East, the country would completely crash."
  • "#5: Rome's biggest source of income came from the conquering of other countries, so when they stopped, they ran out of money very quickly. To make up for the lack of funds, they taxed their citizens heavily, which angered many people.
  • "#6: Romans became far more loyal to their local leaders than the emperor. This was an issue because one of the main reasons Rome was able to rise to power was because of the patriotism of the Roman people. Logically, it is preferable to have loyal citizens that will not turn against their own country.
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