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Updated: 2/20/2019
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  • Leaving the Trojan War
  • Cicones
  • Cyclops
  • After fighting in the Trojan War for ten years, the war is finally over. Odysseus and his men set off, sailing home to Ithaca.
  • Land of the Dead
  • However, they make a stop at Ismarus, home of the Cicones. There, Odysseus and his men enslave women, kill men, take animals, and steal. Two-hundred sixteen of Odysseus' men stayed in Ismarus.
  • Scylla & Charybdis (Second Time)
  • Odysseus and his men get into trouble while visiting the Cyclops. To escape, they inebriate the Cyclops and stab his eye out with a sharpened log. They decide to use sheep as their disguises, so they grasp the bellies of them to make sure they are hidden. Odysseus reveals himself as they ride away.
  • Returning Home to Ithaca
  • Odysseus brings offerings and sacrifices for the dead, as he tries to talk to a specific soul. He finds the soul of a fallen crew member, Elpenor, who had died in Aeaea, but not been buried. So, Elpenor asks Odysseus to go back go Aeaea to bury him so that he can cross the stream (crossover to the land of the dead.)
  • Once the winds had finally weakened, Odysseus and his men leave Helio's Island. However, they are soon met with a storm. Zeus sends lightening which knocks them off the ship. Odysseus, and what is left of the broken ship, are sent back to Scylla and Charybdis. He is left hanging on the branch of a tree, which is growing from the side of a cliff. Charybdis eats his ship but regurgitates enough of it that he continues on his way.
  • Once Odysseus arrives home, he is disguised by Athena as a beggar. There are suitors in his home and if his identity is revealed he will be killed. He reveals himself to his son, who in return, wants to help him fight the suitors. Odysseus tells his son to move the weapons (all but the personal weapons of each suitor) to a secure room. They are ready to fight.
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