story board for english 3-3

Updated: 3/5/2021
story board for english 3-3

Storyboard Text

  • bye Dill see you next summer
  • bye Dill we will miss you a lot
  • this was when Dill was getting in the bus because he is about to leave hes going back home
  • I am excited to begin school... I haven't been here since a long while
  • this was the first day of and scout was excited to learn more and she know how to read
  • oh hey scout I have you have a good day.... the day will pass fast!
  • I'm so upset about you like you are young to be reading this level of book.that's so crazy i could not believe
  • scout is so upset about the teacher speaking bad about her.. she would of rather stay home and learn more alone
  • Walter omg why didn't you end up getting lunch
  • MISS caroline he is a Cunningham he would not take what he cant repay so he decide not to get lunch at all
  • the teacher was so confused of what was going on and she didn't know what the word Cunningham's meant!
  • jeans Louise i have enough of you and you stay going with the same thing
  • miss Caroline been getting upset and decide to call her over.. miss Caroline give her six pats in her hand for mention the word Cunningham
  • this was the major point of scouts rebellion against school because of the way they treated her
  • at this point scout just keep saying she should of stay home and learn at home reading more
  • I don't even know why i came to this school this is so annoying