Chalter 5
Updated: 8/18/2020
Chalter 5

Storyboard Text

  • We don’t like snow man
  • Stab stab
  • No Carl!
  • Melody and her class mates in Class H5 think that there class room is cringy and for little kids because there is lots of smileing sun flowers and there room is super bright snd color full
  • Me hate snow man
  • OH MY GOSH Carl never do that again!
  • Every year Melodys class (class H5) has a six foot snow man that they put up near Christmas but every body in class H5 hats the snow man!
  • Hello Mrs V
  • Hello, Melody will be happy here
  • One day when the snow man was up Carl one of the kids in class H5 grabbed some pencils and stabbed the snow man!
  • Yes melody you did it you rolled over
  • Mrs Hyat was the first teacher in class H5 to see the six foot tall snow man fall/get pushed over.
  • Melodys neabiour Mrs V takes care of melody while Melodys pearents are at work and melody notices that Mrs V has some interesting big hands, she is about 6 foot and likes bright dresses.
  • Melody is at Mrs v’s house and Melody rolls over so Mrs V is so happy and Melody is so proud of herself for rolling to her ground from her back for the first time ever.