Major Inventions of the Industrial Revolution
Updated: 12/5/2018
Major Inventions of the Industrial Revolution
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  • Steam Engines
  • Airplanes
  • Vaccines
  • Now which vaccine was it?
  • Steam Engines were very influential in that they helped build America basically. They were able to lead the way into things like trains and they led the way for the gas powered engine.
  • Fossil Fuel (Oil) Engines
  • Airplanes have allowed us to transport both people and supplies in large amounts. It has given us the opportunity to come up with stupid activities like skydiving. "Thanks Wright Bros. Not..." - Silhouette in the photo.
  • The Telephone
  • 12:45 AM
  • Vaccines led the way for more and more scientific and medical inventions. It has saved many lives and kept many people from getting sick.
  • Cotton Gin
  • These came after the steam engine and were much more reliable. They could pull heavier loads and could go for longer distances. They ran on oil instead of coal so coal mines eventually became obsolete.
  • The telephone was an important piece of America's history. It has allowed us make connections with people who are miles away from us.
  • This is a TELEPHONE!!
  • The Cotton Gin made it much faster to make cotton which made it quicker to make cloth. It was able to sort out the seeds and the actual fibers in no time at all. It revolutionized the textile industry and helped many people make money.
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