shaniqua and aymane
Updated: 11/27/2020
shaniqua and aymane

Storyboard Text

  • 1)on a sunny day habib the big red piggy fell off a bridge. he was extremely scared for his lifeEXT, BRIDGE, 2;55
  • 2) shaniqua the tooth fairy saves habib the big red piggyEXT, DAY, 2;55
  • 3) shaniqua saves habib yhe big red piggys life and hes very gratefulEXT, DAY, 2;56
  • 4) shaniqua takes habib the big red piggy to the dentist because he chipped his toothINT, DAY, 3;27
  • 5) feeling much better, habib the big red piggy falls asleepINT, NIGHT, 7;02
  • 6) shaniqua flies away and goes to her home on the sun and she goes straight to sleepEXT, NIGHT, 7;12