Classical Conditioning Comic Strip
Updated: 11/11/2020
Classical Conditioning Comic Strip

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  • Classical conditioning is learning that occurs when a neutral stimulus comes to bring about a response after it is paired with a stimulus that naturally brings about a response.
  • Cafe Tropical
  • Hi! Can I get the chicken burrito?
  • Welcome to Cafe Tropical! What would you like to order?
  • Although Sofia hasn't been affected yet, the unconditioned (natural) stimulus in this scenario is the e. coli in the chicken burrito.
  • Mmmm, this chicken burrito is delicious!
  • Due to the e. coli, the unconditioned response is vomiting.
  • Oh no! I threw up all over the sink because of that burrito.
  • Now, Sofia can't stand burritos. The sight, smell, and taste of a burrito serve as the conditioned (learned) stimulus.
  • Hey sweetie! I'm making burritos for dinner tonight!
  • No burritos! Oh, that smell is awful! I need to go to the restroom.
  • When smelling the burrito (conditioned stimulus), Sofia rushed to the bathroom to throw up. This means that vomiting is the conditioned response.
  • Not again...burritos are the enemy!
  • Even when Sofia's mom started making her tacos instead of burritos, Sofia couldn't eat it. This is because of stimulus generalization. The taste, smell, and sight of a taco is relatively similar to that of a burrito, so she has the same dislike.
  • Sorry mom, I just can't eat Mexican food in general. It makes me throw up. I'm gonna order Chinese instead.
  • Are you okay, Sofia? Here, I made you a taco instead.
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