Updated: 1/11/2021

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  • 2020
  • Hey you excited for this year? Lots of opportunities to go after!
  • Yup, but honestly sometimes too many! It gets a bit hard to chose where to start
  • Jess was right. Lot of opportunities to chose from but I wish it was easier to filter down on the best ones
  • God quite the year! I did well but there were some prospects I wish didn't go after
  • Same! In fact there were a couple I wish I started sooner. Hopefully I can pick them out better next year
  • Man there are even more opportunities this year!!
  • Yup but there is a tool that can help us plan. Let me show you!!
  • For the prospects on your list it'll give you a % likelihood for conversion along with a visual display of the key factors behind the result
  • Wow! Also you can update the model to reflect whatever you new info you have learned?
  • Yup! Its a not silver bullet but its definitely helped me avoid leads that I know wouldn't have worked out despite how much time I put into them