The Life Processes: Mrs. Gren (Part 1/2)
Updated: 3/29/2021
The Life Processes: Mrs. Gren (Part 1/2)

Storyboard Text

  • Good Morning Everyone, I am Mrs. Gren. I used to be an amazing gymnast but after my accident, they just use my name to teach students about science. Yukh, I know! But let me tell you about the life processes. 
  • In biology, you will take something called "The Life Processes," and that's when MY name pops up! Each latter of my name stand for each life process.
  • MovementReproductionSensitivityGrowthRespiration ExcretionNutrition
  • Let me show you something...
  • Let's talk about Movement:Animals usually move their whole bodies from one place to another, but plants move in their places - like leaves and flowers turn to face light. Pretty cool huh!
  • Next up, we have Reproduction:Animals have babies like lions have cubs. Plants have seeds that turn into new plants like new oak trees that grow from acorns.
  • We also have Sensitivity:Animals can feel changes in their surroundings and respond to them. Plants can respond mainly to water, light and gravity.