The Life Processes: Mrs. Gren (Part 2/2)
Updated: 3/29/2021
The Life Processes: Mrs. Gren (Part 2/2)

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  • Pardon, I needed a break there, but I am back now!
  • Okay so, next we have Growth:Animals' babies grow into adults. Plants' seedlings grow into bigger plants
  • After Growth comes Respiration:Animals and plants burn food by the help of oxygen they breathe in to release the energy stored in food.
  • Then, we have Excretion:Animals and plants get rid of unwanted wastes. Yucky!!
  • Last but definitely not least, we have Nutrition:Food provides living things with the energy they need.
  • I am really hungry!
  • Before you go, let me tell you some facts!
  • See you never again :0Bye!!
  • #1: Living organisms are made up of tiny building units called CELLS. These cells are too tiny to be seen by eyes a microscope helps you see them
  • #2: Dead things are still made from cells. That's why we call them "Non-living but once alive" like wood or leather or any type of food we eat
  • #3: "Non-living things" that were never alive are not made of cells, they are made of particles.