The Importance of Copyright
Updated: 1/19/2021
The Importance of Copyright

Storyboard Description

Draft storyboard of TIOC interviews and layout.

Storyboard Text

  • Inspiration and creativity are human
  • Bring to life something original, new
  • Create it.Protect it.Share it.
  • Ideas are everywhere, I'm sure you know that!Inspiration can hit while listening to a song or watching a movie someone else created. And when a really good idea comes, it is possible to give life to something new and extraordinary...Something that has an added value.
  • Your creation needs to have those original, unprecedented, unique characteristics that make people want to read that book, watch that documentary, or listen to that record over and over again.
  • Where do you start? Well, sit down and start writing! Lots of people have ideas, some of them talk about them but just a few act on them. Each creative product demands various resources, like time, energy, and money, and those resources have value.
  • While you are developing your creation, think about the risk you might be taking by sharing it on social media or in conversations with friends. Why not visit your local IP or Copyright office first?
  • Local IP or Copyright Office
  • Copyright doesn’t need to be registered to be official. However, when you do, it guarantees the possibility of protection and enforcement against anyone who uses your work without authorization. And it eases the process of legally expanding the reach of your work!
  • Partnership. Licensing.Commercial Use.
  • Visualize your name on billboards, hear people singing your song, feel that golden statue in your hands. Copyright will help you get there, as long as you put your creativity and talent to work.
  • Enjoy the benefits of your creation!