Artemis and Orion
Updated: 3/10/2020
Artemis and Orion
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  • Orion got angry and left without looking back.
  • Artemis and I have a really good friendship, we are companions of the hunt. Are you angry my lord?
  • Why would you question me !. I am not a lover of men like you, you're nothing but a boy to sport with.
  • Orion dreamed that a scorpion nearly killed him and when he woke up to go see Artemis his dream became true.
  • AHHHHHH!! my dream came true, Apollo did this
  • Apollo begged her to hold her tongue to tell her bad news
  • Why did you have to treat Orion that way, he told me what happened when you left.
  • Wait Orion is a bad person he...
  • Artemis left for he priestesses leaving Orion and Apollo together. They were attracted to each other, and spent the afternoon having conversation until Orion mentioned Artemis.
  • Apollo ran away knowing his plan worked.
  • Orion tired to fight the scorpion which led him into the sea to swim away from it. Meanwhile Apollo told Artemis Orion had raped Opos and that he was running away from Artemis wrath.
  • Artemis killed the scorpion behind him to the sky to each everyone a lesson.
  • Those who are false to their lovers are false to themselves
  • Apollo told Artemis that Orion had raped and attacked Opos.
  • Plot
  • Orion and Artemis become friends and spend time together Apollo finds them together and gets angry Artemis leaves letting Orion and Apollo to become friends Apollo gets mad when Artemis is mentioned and tells Orion he is not lover of men Apollo tells Artemis Orion raped and attacked Opos Artemis kills Orion and puts him under the stars
  • Artemis without asking Opos if it was true killed him with her bow and arrow. Artemis went back to the forest to ask Opos if it was true finding out is was false.
  • I see him, I am going to release the arrow
  • There he is over there.
  • HAHA my plan worked.
  • Artemis put Orion's body under the stars as a tribute to their friendship and killed the scorpion to sent it into the sky as well.
  • The protagonist is Orion and the antagonist is Apollo and Artemis.
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