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Updated: 8/26/2020
Navigation Acts Storyboard

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  • An Act for increase of Shipping, and Encouragement of the Navigation of this Nation (1651)-Passed by Parliament, the law gave the Commonwealth the power to pass further legislation regulating international trade. It also reinforced the existing statute that forbade foreign ships from importing or exporting goods to or from England or its colonies.
  • An Act for the Encouraging and Increasing of Shipping and Navigation (1660)- Tightened restriction on crew nationality. A strict 75% are required to be English-born sailors. If capitan failed, they were forced to give up their ships.
  • An Act for the Encouragement of Trade (1663)- required all cargo from American colonies to go through England for inspection, taxes had to be paid before hey could leave England ports. The law blocked colonist trade economy, but increased shipping time.
  • An Act for the Encouragement of the Greenland and Eastland Trades (1673)- increased England's presence in whale oil and fishing industries in Baltic region. Made custom charges on going from one colony to another.
  • The Plantation Trade Act (1690)-tighted up regulations from previous Acts and gave colonial customs agents the same power as in England.
  • The Molasses Act of 1733- Designed to limited trade from French West Indies. Imposed a steep import tax on molasses, forced American colonist to buy more expensive cane sugar from the British West Indies.